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Scholarships/Awards Recipient Resource Centre

Congratulations on receiving an award from the Faculty of Arts and Science in recognition of your tremendous achievements!

We want to know:

How are scholarships making a difference for you?

One student recipient, Doyali Farah Islam, says: “"My English and equity studies have opened up new ways for me to think about my practice as a poet and the world. I’m more attentive to how language operates in society, and more conscious of recommitting to my values as expressed in poetry. A scholarship is more than a financial gift. It’s an indication you’re doing something right and it has encouraged me to try new things."

We are inviting recipients of Arts and Science scholarships funded by our generous friends to share some information with their scholarship donor. There is nothing more rewarding to a donor than to hear personally from the students who have benefited from a scholarship they have established and to learn of their successes and aspirations. 

We encourage you to complete the online recipient information profile form (insert link here). By providing us with this information you understand that this information may be used to create a scholarship recipient profile which may be sent to a donor. Please note that your information will not be shared with third parties without your express consent.

We also ask you to consider writing a letter of thanks to the donor, and to include it in the online recipient information form. Your letter and online profile should document your academic and professional goals. Not sure what to say? Below are links to some sample texts and tips to get you started.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story with our donors.

Contact Information:
Jackie Vanterpool
Faculty of Arts and Science
Office of Advancement, 100 St. George Street, Suite 2032
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