Patio Bookings

Sidney Smith Hall’s two patio spaces on the east (St. George Street) and west (Huron Street) sides – including both sets of stairs leading to 100 St. George Street – are available for recognized student groups to book between April 1st and October 31st, annually.  

Use of the St. George Street and Huron Street patios and steps for an activity requires formal approval and the submission of a space booking request to the Office of the Faculty Registrar, Faculty of Arts & Science. Booking requests will only be considered from recognized campus student groups, University of Toronto offices, and Arts & Science Student Union (ASSU) course unions.  In order for a booking request to be considered, a student group must be registered with and recognized by the U of T Office of Student Life Programs (ULife).  Course unions requesting space bookings must be recognized by The Arts & Science Student Union (ASSU).   The nature and purpose of the activity must be specified as part of the space booking process.

Cooking or serving of heated foods is not permitted on either patio.  Neither the St. George or Huron Street patios may be booked for commercial purposes. Groups may not sponsor or host non-university groups or activities; approved space booking requests at Sidney Smith Hall are for the sole use of the recognized student group listed on the approved space booking request, and not for any other organization. 

The Faculty of Arts & Science reserves the right to direct any individual or group who are using the space inappropriately to exit the premises.

Bake Sales and Food Sales:  If wishing to host a bake sale, please review the Bake Sales Policy. If your group requested a patio booking with foods not included in the Bake Sales Policy, please review the Temporary Food Services Policy.  In both cases, groups are required to provide approval (for every day that food will be sold) from Food & Beverage Services alongside the booking request.  The selling of baked goods and other foods or items are not permitted within classrooms or offices within Sidney Smith Hall.

The maximum number of single bookings per student group between April 1 and October 31 is two.   Bookings are not available between November 1 and March 31, annually.

Please check availability before submitting your request:

To request a booking, please complete the request form and email or deliver it to:

  • Patio Bookings
    Office of the Faculty Registrar, Faculty of Arts & Science
    100 St. George St., room 1006
    Toronto, ON M5S 3G3