Banner Policy

Promoting Student Events by Hanging Banners in Sidney Smith Hall

Student groups wishing to promote events by hanging banners and/or posters in Sidney Smith Hall should note the following:

  1. A banner is a cloth flag and/or series of posters joined together that are not hung on bulletin boards. A banner must not exceed the maximum vertical length of 4 feet and maximum horizontal width of 6 feet.
  2. Banners must be approved by the Office of the Faculty Registrar (Sidney Smith Hall, room 1006) or they will be removed and they will not be returned.
  3. All banners must be sponsored by the Faculty of Arts & Science or a recognized student group whose name must appear on the banner. Campus groups must be registered with the U of T Office of Student Life Programs. Only banners promoting membership in or the events, programs, policies, or activities of recognized student groups, and UTSU and Governing Council elections will be approved.
  4. Approval does not guarantee space for your banner.
  5. Banners may be hung, space permitting, on a first-come, first-served basis on Sidney Smith interior balconies only. Tie-down cords must be used to secure banners; tape is not permitted.
  6. Posters are to be hung on public bulletin boards only. All others will be removed immediately.
  7. Expired banners will be cleared by the caretaking staff every Friday and will not be returned.
    All date-specific banners will be removed once the date of the event has passed. Non-date-specific banners may be hung for a maximum of two weeks.
  8. Groups may be required to limit themselves to one banner at a time if demand exceeds available space.