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Online Fee Deferral

Tuition Fee deferral based on OSAP or other provincial government aid is done on ACORN. We have provided a short Q&A that provides instructions on how to complete your deferral.

Q. Can I defer my fees if I am getting OSAP?

Yes, providing you do not have any outstanding fees from a previous session. You may defer your fees payment online via ACORN if you are receiving provincial financial aid and follow these steps:

If you have applied for OSAP and have been assessed by OSAP as receiving financial aid for the coming school year, you may defer your fees until your OSAP arrives. Log on to ACORN, go to the "Financial Account" section and click the "OSAP/Govt/Grad Deferral" button. You will know immediately if your deferral request is successful. If so, this will be sufficient to complete your registration and protect your courses. You can only defer online if you have applied for OSAP and been granted financial aid for the session. Also, you cannot defer this coming session's fees if you have unpaid fees from previous sessions on your account. You must clear those outstanding fees first.

Students with financial aid from other provinces may also use the online fee deferral process, provided Enrolment Services has information on the government aid they will receive.

Q. How do I know if my payment/deferral has completed my registration?

You can check on ACORN  to see if you are registered. On the Dashboard/Home page of ACORN, your registration status is displayed under "Academics". If it says "Registered" for the indicated session, then your registration is complete. If your status is "Invited," it is still incomplete and you risk being removed from your courses.

Q. What if I have problems paying my fees before the deadline?

As with all problems affecting your studies, you should contact your College Registrar's office to discuss your situation. Be sure to do this well before the payment deadline.