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International/Indigenous Course Module Program (ICMs)

The Faculty of Arts & Science’s International/Indigenous Course Module Program (ICMs) provides an opportunity for faculty members to incorporate an intensive international or Indigenous experiential module into the framework of existing undergraduate courses. International opportunities include partnerships developed with Indigenous nations both within Canadian borders and beyond.

Student groups may submit ICM proposals with a sponsoring faculty member. See submission guidelines for complete information.

Since the ICMs were first introduced, more than 50 groups of students have traveled to destinations in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and the United States. Modules are integrated into the course plan and travel is scheduled to coincide with Reading Week.

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Courses are offering ICMs 2017-2018:

Number of Students
CAS400H1 Indonesia
Students in this ICM will meet with institutional and grass root actors to gain an understanding of the societal factors that will determine the success or failure of recent and longer term initiatives to maintain and develop a moderate and progressive Islamic civil society.
EEB384H1 Ecuador
This ICM is a one week herpetological survey expedition focused primarily in Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park, hosted by a local university.
ESS241H1 and ESS441H1 Oman
This module will explore several field sites that will illustrate how anthropogenic factors are influenced by the geologic activity of the region.
The ICM will offer a practical opportunity to observe major health concerns in Greece, currently magnified by the double burden of the economic crisis and ongoing influx of migrants fleeing war in the Middle East.
IRE446H1 Iceland
Students in this ICM will learn about the HR consulting process in Toronto and then undertake a consulting assignment in in small organizations Reykjavik, Iceland.
LIN351H1 England
Students will engage in a week of fieldwork, including ethnographic observation and fieldwork, interviewing techniques and corpus construction.
NMC362Y1 England
This ICM will engage students in the study of artifacts and field records of ancient Egyptian cultural development, including examination of the interpretation, methodology and challenges involved in examining ancient material.

Note: In an effort to ensure that as many students as possible can participate in Faculty-funded international opportunities, priority for participation in these opportunities will be given to students who have not previously received funding from Arts and Science for an international experience.