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International Course Module Program (ICMs)

The Faculty of Arts & Science’s International Course Module Program (ICMs) provides an opportunity for faculty members to incorporate an intensive international experience into the framework of existing undergraduate courses.

Student groups may submit ICM proposals with a sponsoring faculty member. See submission guidelines for complete information.

Since the ICMs were first introduced, more than 50 groups of students have traveled to destinations in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and the United States. Modules are integrated into the course plan and travel is scheduled to coincide with Reading Week.

Read more about student ICM experiences:

Courses are offering ICMs 2016-2017:

Course Location Number of Students Description
10 This module allows students to consider the research done in and knowledge generated by public historical discourse (museums, exhibits), as well as challenges to these in academic discourse and community-based activities linked to “ multiculturalism” and indigenous sovereignty.
CAS400 and GGR343 China 10 This module will focus on urban planning, changing spaces in the city core, and “urbanization” of the surrounding rural areas in wake of the 2008 earthquake reconstruction. Students will explore how concepts of sustainability, innovation, and accessibility are being mobilized by officials and social organizations.
Mexico 10 In partnership with a professor and students at the Colegio de Mexico, students enrolled in this module will gain a holistic perspective on Mexico’s narco-insurgency, understanding it not just as a security problem, but also a political, economic, and social one.
ESS445 Turkey 16
This module allows students to observe a wide range of geologic features and discuss active geologic processes, with direct observation at specific field locations, including several that illustrate how anthropogenic factors  are influenced by the geologic activity
of the region.
HIS481 Uganda 15
This module offers a methodological exploration of the practices of oral history by using a biographical approach to investigate the lives and times of elite African women.
HMB323 Dominican Republic 8
The module will offer practical opportunity to observe major health concerns of a vulnerable population within the unique context of a community health partnership that aims to bring key local stakeholders who act on the health of Haitian migrants.
NEW351 Rwanda 8
This module will examine concepts such as sagacity, African socialism and restorative justice in the context of daily life in Rwanda in partnership with faculty and students at the National University of Rwanda.
POL359 Georgia 10
The module will examine the changes that have taken place
since Georgia’s first successful democratic transition following the elections in October 2012 and in light of the upcoming 2016 parliamentary elections.

Note: In an effort to ensure that as many students as possible can participate in Faculty-funded international opportunities, priority for participation in these opportunities will be given to students who have not previously received funding from Arts and Science for an international experience.