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Exam Recheck or Reread

Requesting a Recheck or Reread of a Faculty Final Examination (St. George Campus courses only)

If a student believes an error has been made in the calculation of marks or in the marking of a Faculty final examination, there are two procedures which can be followed to request a review of marks.

Please note December 2018 exam rereads and rechecks will not be processed until after January 25, 2019. June and August 2018 exam requests are being processed on an ongoing basis. For both June and August requests you'll be charged in the next few business days after submitting your form. Any requests submitted during the month of December for June and August 2018 exams will take longer to process due to final exam administration. You will not be charged for Rechecks. Please below for more information.

Recheck of Course Mark

If a student believes that there has been an arithmetical error in calculating the course mark, a recheck can be requested. A recheck can be requested with or without requesting a photocopy or viewing of the final examination. The student must Fill out the Request for Recheck of Course Mark form and submit it to the Office of the Faculty Registrar within six months of the final examination (see list of deadlines below).  Whenever possible, the student should indicate precisely the location of the possible error. The academic unit concerned will check that the examination marks have been added correctly; the examination will not be reread. The academic unit will also check that all term work marks have been correctly calculated.  There is no fee for the recheck of a course mark.  If the mark is changed as a result of this review, any fees paid for an exam photocopy will be refunded.

Reread of Faculty Final Examination

If a student believes that a final examination has been incorrectly marked in its substance, or that a portion of an examination has not been marked, a reread of the final examination may be requested. The student must first purchase a photocopy or request a supervised viewing of the exam. Once the exam has been reviewed by the student, a Request for Reread of Final Examination form must be submitted to the Office of the Faculty Registrar within six months of the final examination (see list of deadlines below).  The student must demonstrate that that examination answers are substantially correct by citing specific instances of disagreement, supported by such documentary evidence as course handouts, textbooks, lecture notes, etc.  The student must do more than simply assert that “I disagree with the marking,” or that “I believe I deserve more marks.”  The academic unit concerned will reread the examination in light of the arguments presented.  There is a $36.00 fee for this procedure, which is in addition to the fee of $15.00 charged for a photocopy of the final examination. If the mark is changed as a result of this review, both the photocopy fee (if paid) and the reread fee will be refunded.  It should be noted that when a course is failed, the examination must be reread before the mark is reported.

NOTE: A recheck or reread may result in a raised mark, a lowered mark, or no change. By requesting a reread or recheck a student agrees to abide by the outcome.

For some examinations, particularly those with multiple-choice questions and/or those designed to be read mechanically, there may be an answer key that is essential to the understanding of the marking of the examination. In such cases, an answer key should be included with your photocopy. If it is not, you may contact the relevant department to see if one is available.

Forms are available at the Office of the Faculty Registrar, or on the web at www.artsci.utoronto.ca/current/exams/rr


Deadlines for requesting a recheck or a reread:

  • February examinations - the following August 31
  • April examinations - the following October 31
  • June examinations - the following January 15
  • August examinations - the following February 28/29
  • December examinations - the following June 30


Fill in all areas of the form and print it out.

Payment is required for a Reread, but not for a Recheck (see full instructions above).

Submit the form in one of the following ways:

  • By email: Payment may be made by any major credit card if you give the card number and expiry date on your form.  Email your form to exams.artsci@utoronto.ca.  In order to protect your financial information, please ensure that you submit your form from your encrypted University of Toronto email address.
  • By mail: Mail your form and attachments to -

Office of the Faculty Registrar
100 St. George Street, Room 1006
Toronto, ON M5S 3G3

Payment may be made by credit card (VISA/MasterCard/Amex) if you give the card number and expiry date on your form. Mail your request to the address on the form.

  • In person: Payment may be made by debit card, or by credit card (VISA/MasterCard/Amex).