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Exam Copy Request

Instructions for Submitting a Request for Reproduction of Faculty Final Examination

If you have written an Arts & Science faculty final exam on the St. George campus within the last six months, you may request a digital copy of your exam. Obtaining an exam copy allows you to verify that your final exam is marked fairly and that the mark is calculated correctly. In contrast with a supervised exam viewing, it also allows you to look at your exam on your own time, and to consult your course materials alongside the exam. 

Departments sometimes categorize final exams as restricted, which means that they won’t allow copies to be provided. For these exams, you may only request a viewing appointment, but you will be allowed to request repeat viewing appointments. A list of restricted exams for December 2018 is available online.

Submitting a Request
To request a copy, fill out the following form and send it to exams.artsci@utoronto.ca or submit a printed copy in person at the Office of the Faculty Registrar (100 St. George St., Room 1006).

The fee for a copy is $15.00 per exam. This fee will be refunded if a student submits an appeal request and their mark is changed as a result. Payments are accepted in the following methods:

In person: Debit card or credit card.  

By email: Payment may be made by any major credit card if you write the card number and expiry date on your form. In order to protect your financial information, please ensure that you use your encrypted University of Toronto email address to submit your form.

Once your copy request has been processed and paid for, we’ll send a digital copy to your University of Toronto email address within 3 business days. If you haven’t received your copy after one week, feel free to contact us at exams.artsci@utoronto.ca to inquire about the status of your request.

Answer Keys
Answer keys are only available for exams with multiple-choice questions filled out on Scantrons. For these exams, an answer key is essential to help you add up your marks. Please notify us if you haven’t received an answer key to go along with such an exam.

Deadlines for Copies
February deferred examinations              - the following August 31
April examinations                                 - the following October 31
June examinations                                  - the following January 15
August examinations                              - the following February 28/29
December examinations                         - the following June 30