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September 2017 (Returning Students)

September 2017 e-newsletter

Welcome back to the start of another academic year!

This is the first e-newsletter from your Faculty Registrar's office for the 2017-18 fall/winter session. Throughout the year, we will keep you posted on important dates and matters that affect or may be of interest to you as a student. Stay tuned for other e-newsletters during the year.

Need help or advice? Just ask! As a student in Arts & Science, whether you're in your first year or about to graduate, you can count on the friendly staff at your College Registrar's office, your reliable first stop for help and advice. For information about your specific courses and programs, you can get in touch with the Department or College offering them. Not sure where to go or have general questions? You can always contact us in the Faculty Registrar's office, or check out our web sitefor some direction.

September Deadlines

We hope your first few days of classes have gone smoothly! Here are a few upcoming deadlines that you should take note of:

  • Registration Status: The deadline to pay/defer your tuition fees was August 30 and by now, your registration status on ACORN should be "Registered". If your status is still "Invited", it is very important that you show proof of payment to your College immediately, and no later than noon on September 14, so that you don't lose your course enrolments.
  • Waiting Lists: Waiting lists in fall term (F) and full-year (Y) courses will be removed at the end of day on September 15.
  • Deadline to add or change meeting sections in F and Y courses: The last day to add F/Y courses is September 20. This is also the deadline to change lecture/practical/tutorial meeting sections in F/Y courses.
  • Deadline to enrol in programs: If you're in second year or higher, please note that September 20 is also the deadline to finalize your program enrolment for 2017-18. If you've got an "Invited" status in a Type 2/2L/3 program and you intend to accept it, be sure to officially enrol on ACORN by September 20!
  • Deadline to pay your Fall fees: The 2017 Fall portion of your fees are due by September 30. Pay them in full by this date to avoid service charges. More info
  • More Fall Term Dates

International Opportunities Week

Spend a week, term, summer or year abroad. Or, create your own academic adventure. Come to International Opportunities Week to find out the 5 ways you can internationalize your degree.
Win prizes, get snacks, talk to students who have travelled, and find out more.

When: September 25-29, 10 am-4pm
Where: Sid Smith Lobby, 100 St. George St.

Recognized Study Groups

There are so many benefits to starting or joining a study group: get guaranteed regular study time and a better understanding of material by working with your peers, meet people in your program, gain valuable and transferable leadership skills, get access to A&S resources and supports, and earn Co-Curricular Credit. Sign up to lead a study group or find out which study groups already exist here. The deadline to sign up is October 6.

English Language Learning Resources

In September to October, the English Language Learning (ELL) Program will offer free, online academic writing instruction through the Reading eWriting activity. ELL will also offer free on-site Communication Cafés where you can practice academic speaking and presentations. You do not need to write or speak English well in order to participate in these activities. For more information, visit http://www.artsci.utoronto.ca/current/advising/ell or contact ELL: ell.newcollege@utoronto.ca

The Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub is a highly collaborative, engaging and safe space where students, staff, faculty and the community come together to co-create the student experience of the future by using student-centred design thinking. Volunteer positions for the 2017-18 school year are now available - these roles are Co-Curricular Record-approved and provide a rich learning experience to support your career development as well as give you an opportunity to be part of an inclusive community of diverse students. Join one of the eight teams in the Innovation Hub by filling out this form by September 15!

Questions or Feedback?

Contact us! We'd like to hear from you.

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