Step 3: Pay your fees

Step 3: Pay your fees

After you enroll in courses on ACORN, it’s time to pay (or officially defer) your fees to complete your registration for the Summer session.  

The deadline to pay your fees and complete your registration in 2018 Summer is April 30, 2018.  Students who are not registered by April 30 will be removed from courses at any time.

View your fees invoice

During the Summer session, Arts & Science tuition fees are charged on a per-course basis. This means that fees are calculated based on the number of courses you are taking.  A schedule of fee amounts is found on the Office of Student Accounts web site.  To find out how much you have to pay, view your fees invoice on ACORN starting in mid-April (select "Financial Account" tab in main menu).

Pay your fees 

Like most other bill payments, tuition fee payments are made through a bank. Once your fees are posted to your invoice on ACORN, you can begin making payments. You may do so using online or telephone banking, at a bank machine, or in person at a bank teller. The quickest way to pay your fees is electronically - by online or telephone banking. Set up the payee information as follows:

  • Payee Name: University of Toronto
  • Account Number: As displayed on your fees invoice on ACORN.

Each student's account number consists of up to the first five characters of your surname in capital letters and the 10 numbers which is your student number with leading zeros (if applicable). Be sure to distinguish between the letter ‘O’ and the number '0' (zero). 

For full payment instructions, see the Office of Student Accounts web site

Keep in mind that regardless of how you make the payment, it will take 3-5 business days for it to be processed by the bank and recorded by the University. This means that your account balance on ACORN will not change immediately after you make the payment. Just hold on to your payment receipt or confirmation number and check your balance on ACORN again a few days after you pay. 

Receiving OSAP or provincial government loans for the Summer?

If you have no outstanding fees from previous sessions and you are expecting to receive OSAP or other provincial government loans for the Summer, you may request to defer your fee payment on ACORN. Deferring your fees means that you don’t have to pay by April 30 to complete your registration – the payment is deferred until you receive your loan funding. It’s best to apply for OSAP by March 31 so that you can be assessed for funding prior to the start of classes. As soon as you receive your loan funds in your bank account, follow the instructions above to pay your tuition fees. For information on applying for summer OSAP see the Enrolment Services web site

How do I know my registration is complete?

After you pay your fees at the bank or officially defer your fees on ACORN you can check to see if your registration is complete. Remember that it normally takes a few days for payments to be received and recorded by the University. 

Check your registration status for 2018 Summer on the Dashboard/Home page of ACORN. If your status is:

  • Registered (REG):  It means your registration is COMPLETE and you’re ready to go to class. 
  • Invited (INVIT):  It means your registration is NOT COMPLETE. If you’ve already made a payment by April 30, don’t worry, just check your registration status again in a few days. If you haven’t made a payment or deferred your fees by April 30, you risk being removed from all your courses. To complete your registration, pay your fees immediately and present proof of payment to your College Registrar’s office. Contact your College for more information.
  • Financially Cancelled (FINCA):  It means that you are not enrolled in courses and are not registered for the Session. If you wish to enroll in courses for the Summer, contact your College Registrar’s office for instructions.

Academic Fees Assessment in the Summer: Course Fees

In the Summer session, all students are assessed Course Fees. This means that you're charged fees for each course separately and refunds for cancelled courses are calculated based on a different schedule. Please refer to the Student Accounts website for the  2018 Summer refund schedule.   

Academic Fees for Commerce, Computer Science, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, or Concurrent Teacher Education Programs


Arts & Science students who are enrolled in a commerce, computer science, bioinformatics & computational biology, or CTEP program have a different fee structure than Arts & Science students enrolled in other programs. If you are registered in the summer session and are invited to, and enrol in, any of these programs for the first time in July 2018 or later, you will be charged retroactively for all courses taken after the session in which you earned your fourth FCE – including any currently enrolled summer courses. This revision will be a recalculation of your current and previous fees based on the higher charges for these programs.

Note: Please determine your new fees before enrolling in a program if you enrol in July 2018 or later. Visit the Student Accounts web site for fee information. Refer to the section on paying your fees in the Fall/Winter Registration Instructions for fee structure, and information about withdrawal and reversal of fees.