Step 2: Enroll in courses

Step 2: Enroll in courses

Now that you’ve chosen which courses to take and put together a schedule, you’re ready to enroll. Course enrolment is the process of officially adding the courses to your record on ACORN. First check your start time, then enroll in courses on your start date.

Never used ACORN before? See the Instructions for Using ACORN for login information.

Check your start time in ACORN on February 22, 2018

  • Students registered in the Faculty of Arts & Science, St. George campus (Degree and Non-Degree)

All St. George campus Arts & Science degree and non-degree students are assigned an enrolment start time. This is the time when you can begin your enrolment in A&S courses on ACORN on March 1, 2018. For degree students, your start time is determined by your year of study, which is based on the number of credits you expect to complete by the end of the 2017-18 Fall/Winter session. 

You may view your assigned start time on ACORN beginning February 22. It will appear at the top of your home/dashboard page. 

A&S VISITING STUDENTS: check ACORN on February 22 for your assigned start time.

  • Students not registered in the Faculty of Arts & Science, St. George campus

Students registered in other Faculties/divisions may enroll in Arts & Science St. George courses on the following dates:

Faculty/Division Start date
John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design (undergraduate) March 1 - same as A&S above
Other St. George campus faculties/divisions (except Daniels Faculty) April 17 at 6:00 a.m.
University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM)/University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) April 18 at 6:00 a.m.

ACORN Enrolment Cart

Beginning February 16, you will be able to put courses in your Enrolment Cart on ACORN. Please note that you will still need to officially enrol (click the "Enrol" button) in the course(s) on your start date and pay/defer your fees by April 30 to complete your registration.

Enroll on ACORN

On your start date, log on to ACORN at your start time and enroll in courses.

Select "Enrol & Manage" in the side menu and then select the "Courses" button. Make sure you are in the right session tab (2018 Summer). Use the Search box to find the course you wish to add and follow the instructions to enrol. 

Search Tip: Verify that you are selecting the right course from the search list. Note that courses from all UofT divisions/campuses may show up if you do a keyword search. Arts & Science courses are always in this format: 3 letters, 3 numbers, H or Y, last digit = 1 e.g. ANT100Y1

If you previously put courses in your Enrolment Cart, officially add the course by clicking the "Enrol" button in the top right corner of the course box. A confirmation box will pop up; press "Enrol" again. A notice will appear in the top right corner of the page to indicate whether your enrolment is successful. 

Note that courses are added and deleted on ACORN in real time, meaning you'll know immediately whether your course transactions are successful.  

After you've enrolled in all your courses, check the "My Courses > Currently Enrolled" section to review your selections before logging out of ACORN.

More information on Course Enrolment on ACORN can be found here.

What if a course I want to take is full?

Waiting Lists

The Waiting List is a feature that lets you "line up" for a course that's currently full, in case a space becomes available. If a student cancels the course and you're next on the waiting list, you'll be enrolled automatically. An email will be sent to your U of T email account to notify you of the enrolment. If you get enrolled from the waiting list, be sure to add any practical or tutorial sections associated with the course.   

What you need to know about waiting lists:

  • In the Summer, students may be on the waiting list for up to 1.0 full course equivalent (one full-credit course or two half-credit courses).
  • Waiting lists are available for lecture (LEC/L) sections only.
  • All lecture meeting sections have waiting lists, except courses with an E indicator.
  • Waiting lists are not available for the entire duration of the enrolment period. See below for availability.
Section code Waiting List available*
F March 1 to May 10
Y March 1 to May 10
S March 1 to July 5

* Exception: Waiting lists in PE indicator courses are available from March 1 to only.