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2014 Summer Timetable: Dates & Deadlines

The dates listed in this timetable pertain to students registered in the Faculty of Arts & Science, St. George campus only (unless explicitly stated otherwise.) Other students must follow their own faculty’s or division’s dates for registration (e.g., add/drop deadlines.) Check with your faculty/divisional registrar’s office for applicable registration dates. The sessional dates below (e.g. beginning and ending of classes) apply to all students taking a Faculty of Arts & Science, St. George campus course.

Course Enrolment

Course enrolment begins April 7 on ROSI at www.rosi.utoronto.ca. All St. George campus Arts & Science students are assigned start times; degree students are assigned start times according to year of study and non-degree students are assigned start times as a separate group. You can check your start time on ROSI starting on April 1 (see here for details.) On April 21 at 6:00 a.m., students from other St. George campus faculties/divisions may begin enrolling in courses. On April 22 at 6 a.m., students from the University of Toronto Mississauga and the University of Toronto Scarborough may begin enrolling in courses.

Registration Deadline

Registration will occur automatically if you pay at least the minimum first installment of your fees (or officially defer them) by April 24. If your payment has not been received or officially deferred by April 24, you will be removed from your courses at any time. We will allow a processing time of 10 days for bank payments to be received by the University before removing you from courses. Note that reinstatement in courses is not guaranteed as spaces may be filled. If you wish to register after you have been removed, you will be charged a late registration fee.

If you do not enroll in courses by the April 24 deadline your registration status for the session is automatically changed to "Financially Cancelled", as the Faculty presumes you do not plan to take courses this Summer. This status does not affect your eligibility to return in the Fall/Winter. If your status is "Financially Cancelled" and you wish to take courses, contact your College Registrar's Office for instructions.

Beginning and Ending of Classes

Section Code Classes Begin Classes End
F May 12 June 20
Y May 12 August 12
S July 2
August 12

For F1 section code course dates, see Intensive Course section.

Note that Y section code course lectures do not meet the week of June 23 to June 27; term tests may be held.

Adding and Cancelling Courses

Section Code Final Date to Add or Change Meeting Section
Final Date to Cancel
F May 19
June 9
Y May 19
July 20
S July 8
July 29

For F1 section code course deadlines, see Intensive Course section.

It is important to officially cancel a course as soon as you have decided you do not want to continue in it, since fees refunds are calculated according to the date the cancellation is recorded. Courses that are not cancelled by the deadlines will remain on your record and may count as failures. A cancellation of your registration in the summer session after May 11 is subject to a minimum charge—refer to the Student Accounts web site for details.

Intensive Summer Courses

Refer to the Intensive course listings for relevant dates and deadlines for the Intensive Summer Courses (F1 section code).

Term Work and Examinations

June 6
Examination timetable posted for examinations in F section code courses
June 20 All term work in F section code courses must be submitted by this date
June 23-27 Final examinations may be held in F section code courses; term tests may be held in Y section code courses. Exams and term tests are not necessarily held on the same day or time the course is offered
July 16
Examination timetable posted for examinations in S or Y section code courses
August 12 All term work in S or Y section code courses must be submitted by this date
August 13-19 Final examination period for S or Y section code courses

University Closures:

The University will be closed on May 19 (Victoria Day), June 30 (Presidential Holiday), July 1 (Canada Day), and August 4 (Civic Holiday.)

Confirmation of Graduation Request for November 2014

If you are planning to complete the requirements for graduation by the end of the 2014 summer session and you wish to graduate in November 2014, select “Confirm graduation” beginning July 2 from the SWS main menu. If you do not have a degree request option on the SWS, or if your degree request is incorrect, or if for some reason you are unable to record your degree request, contact your college registrar’s office for assistance.

The last day to use the SWS to confirm or change your November 2014 degree request is August 12. Changes after this date must be made at your college registrar’s office.