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Instructions for Graduating Students

Instructions for Graduating Students

Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies (or Convocations) happen twice a year – in June and in November.  Ceremony dates are posted on the Office of Convocation website.

Check That Your Degree Requirements Will Be Met

Note: It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that all degree and program requirements will be met by the end of the Fall/Winter session if you wish to graduate in June or by the end of the Summer session if you wish to graduate in November.

Please check Degree Explorer to see if you are on track in fulfilling your degree requirements. 

We encourage you to consult with the appropriate offices as early as possible regarding your final selection of courses. 

Please remember that while Degree Explorer is a useful tool, it is not definitive. It is your responsibility to verify that you have fulfilled all degree and program requirements. For assistance, you can refer to the "Degree Requirements" section of the Calendar. 

Before you request graduation, please ensure that your programs (Specialists, Majors and/or Minors) are correct (i.e. those that you wish to graduate with) on ACORN. If you need to make changes to your programs, please contact your college registrar.

Requesting Graduation

Graduation may be requested by logging onto ACORN or by filling out a form in your college registrar’s office.

If you are planning to complete the requirements for graduation by the end of the 2018-2019 Fall/Winter session and you wish to graduate in June 2019, select “Confirm graduation” beginning September 24, 2018 from the ACORN main menu. If you do not have a degree request option, or if your degree information is incorrect, please contact your college registrar’s office for assistance. 

The last day to use ACORN to confirm or change your degree request is January 31, 2019. Changes after this date must be made at your college registrar’s office as soon as possible. There is no guarantee that late changes can be processed.

When you log onto ACORN to request graduation, you will be prompted to request graduation with the specified degree program that you are currently enrolled in. If you are eligible and wish to graduate with a different degree than the one specified (i.e. ACORN indicates that you are eligible to receive an Honours B.A., but you wish to graduate with an Honours B.Sc.), you must contact your college registrar's office.

Can't get into a course you need to graduate? The Dean's Promise.

The Faculty is committed to ensuring that graduating students can enroll in a set of courses that will allow them to graduate. This commitment depends upon the student doing all that is necessary at the optimum/appropriate times as indicated in the Registration Instructions and in the Calendar. The Dean promises that you can enroll in (a) mandatory course(s) if you have enrolled in the appropriate programs (changes to program in the final year of graduation may not be considered), completed appropriate prerequisites and requested courses from a full range of the possible options that would allow you to complete your program and degree. In order to take advantage of the Dean’s promise, you must have used ACORN to attempt enrolment in these courses at the earliest possible opportunity. 

If you need a course to complete a program requirement, contact the Department by August 1. If you need a course to complete a degree requirement (for example to fulfill a breadth requirement), contact your College Registrar's Office by August 1

Your Contact Information

It is essential that your contact information on ACORN is complete and up to date.  This includes a valid UTmail+ email address, mailing address and phone number. Most information concerning your request to graduate will be sent via email to UTmail+ addresses.

Name Changes

Your name will appear on your Diploma as it is displayed on ACORN. If you would like to request a name change, you may do so at your college registrar’s office by the listed deadline. Please note that you must provide valid photo ID. 

The deadline for name changes for the June 2019 Convocation is March 21, 2019.  

Is your name missing accents? If so, please download and complete the Name on Diploma form from the Office of Convocation website and return the form to the address provided by the deadline. Please note that this form is only for accents or removing a period after an initial in your name.

Note: Name changes requested after the deadline will not be reflected on your diploma. These requests will be processed after the convocation period. Should you wish to obtain a diploma which reflects a name change request made after the deadline; the Office of Convocation will require a Replacement Diploma Request Form, the $80.00 diploma replacement fee and the return of your original diploma (the diploma that you will receive at your convocation ceremony).

Eligibility to Graduate Letter

Click here for information regarding requesting a letter from the Faculty of Arts and Science confirming your eligibility to graduate.

Convocation Tickets and Regalia (Gown and Hood) Rental

If you are attending your ceremony you will need to order academic regalia (gown & hood) online. Please ensure that you must take note of the gown rental ID (5 digit alphanumeric found in the email that you receive from the Gaspard LP -Regalia Order) as you will need it in order to RSVP and order guest tickets.

The online RSVP and Guest Ticket Request form will be available through ACORN. A gown rental ID (5 digit alphanumeric found in the email that you receive from the Gaspard LP -Regalia Order) is needed.

Note: Victoria College manages regalia rental for their students for June Convocation. 

Opting into the new curriculum

If you are a student who is following the older curriculum rules (prior to Winter 1992) and you wish to opt into the new curriculum, please contact your College for assistance.

Upgrading a Previously Conferred Degree

If you have already graduated with a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree and wish to upgrade your degree to a four-year or Honours degree,  you may submit a request to upgrade your degree using ACORN, or you may submit a request at your college registrar's office. If you are upgrading your degree you will not be eligible to attend the convocation ceremony. You will be eligible to exchange your existing degree for an Honours degree upgrade at the Office of Convocation in late June. Please note that upgrades to four-year Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees are noted on your transcript only and do not entitle you to a new parchment. 

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