Step 2: Enrol in a Program of Study

Step 2: Enrol in a Program of Study

Programs of Study

As part of your degree, Arts & Science students need to complete programs of study to graduate. A program is a group of courses in either a specific discipline (e.g. history, computer science, economics) or multiple disciplines (e.g. international relations, human biology). Programs come in three different levels: specialist, major, minor - the main difference between them is in the number of courses required. Your program subject areas also determine which degree you will receive: Honours Bachelor of Arts, Honours Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Why do I have to enroll in programs?

Aside from needing programs to graduate, enrolling in programs helps you with course enrolment. In many courses, departments give enrolment priority to students based on their programs.

When do I have to enroll in programs?

Arts & Science students enroll in programs at the end of the session in which they complete their fourth full-course equivalent (FCE) - basically, at the end of your first year. If you expect to have at least 4.0 FCEs by the end of the Summer session (e.g. August 2017), it's very important that you enroll in programs (see below for acceptable combinations) before Fall/Winter course enrolment starts in July. Otherwise, you'll be blocked from adding courses on ACORN.

Where do I get information about programs?

You can find specific admission and program requirements for programs in the Arts & Science Calendar.

How many programs do I have to enroll in? What's the maximum number I can enroll in?

For your degree, students have to complete one of the following:

  • 1 specialist, or
  • 2 majors*, or
  • 1 major + 2 minors*

You can enroll in up to three programs, including a maximum of two specialists and/or majors.

*programs must contain at least 12.0 different FCEs

How do I enroll in programs?

Just follow the instructions outlined in the Program Enrolment Instructions.