Building Codes

Building Codes

The building code refers to the Campus Map and are those used in the Timetables and course listings.


Code Building Address
AB Astronomy & Astrophysics Building 50 St. George St.
AH Alumni Hall 121 St. Joseph St.
AP Anthropology Building 19 Russell St.
AR Architecture Building 230 College St.
BA Bahen Centre for Information Techn. 40 St.George St.
BC Birge - Carnegie Library 75a Queen's Pk.
BF Bancroft Building 4 Bancroft Ave.
BI Banting Institute 100 College St.
BL Claude T. Bissell Building 140 St. George St.
BN Clara Benson Building 320 Huron St.
BR Brennan Hall 81 St. Mary St.
BT Isabel Bader Theatre 93 Charles St. West
CB Best Institute 112 College St
CG Canadiana Gallery 14 Queen's Park Circle
CH Convocation Hall 31 King's College Circle
CR Carr Hall 100 St. Joseph St.
EA Engineering Annex 11 King's College Rd.
EC Economics Department 150 St. George St.
EH Elmsley Hall 81 St. Mary St.
EJ Edward Johnson Building 80 Queen's Park
EM Emmanuel College 75 Queen's Park.
ES Earth Sciences Centre 33 Willcocks St.
Exam Centre
255 McCaul St.
FE Bloor Street West - 371 371 Bloor St. W.
FG Fitzgerald Building 150 College St.
FH Falconer Hall 84 Queen's Park
GB Galbraith Building 35 St. George St.
GI George Ignatieff Theatre 15 Devonshire Pl.
HA Haultain Building 170 College St. (rear)
HH Hart House 7 Hart House Circ.
HI St. Hilda's College 44 Devonshire Pl.
HI CART St. Hilda's College Cartwright Hall 44 Devonshire Pl.
HS Health Sciences 155 College St.
HU Huron Street - 215 215 Huron St.
IN Innis College 2 Sussex Ave.
JH Jackman Humanities Building 170 St. George St.
KL J. M. Kelly Library 113 St. Joseph St.
KP Koffler House 569 Spadina Ave.
KS Koffler Student Services Ctr. 214 College St.
LA Gerald Larkin Building 15 Devonshire Pl.
LI Lillian Massey Building 125 Queen's Park Cres.
LM Lash Miller Chemical Labs 80 St. George St.
LW Flavelle House 78 Queen's Park
MA Massey College 4 Devonshire Place
MB Mining Building 170 College St.
MC Mechanical Engineering Bldg. 5 King's College Rd.
ME Centre for Medieval Studies 39 Queen's Pk. Cr. E
MM MacDonald - Mowat House 63 St. George St
MP McLennan Physical Labs 255 Huron St.
MR McMurrich Building

12 Queen's Park Cr. W.

MS Medical Sciences Building 1 King's College Circ.
MU Munk Ctr for International Studies 1 Devonshire Place
NB Borden Building North 563 Spadina Ave.
NF Northrop Frye Hall 73 Queen's Pk. Cr. E.
NR New College Residence 45 Willcocks St.
252 Bloor St. W.
PB Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building 144 College Street
PG Physical Geography Building 45 St. George St.
PI Pontifical Institute 59 Queen's Pk. Cr. E.
PR E.J. Pratt Library 71 Queen's Pk. Cr. E.
RB Fisher Rare Book Library 120 St. George St.
RE Religion Department & Centre 123 St. George St.
RL Robarts Library 130 St. George St.
RM Physical/Occup. Therapy 254-56 McCaul Street
RO Royal Ontario Musuem 100 Queen's Park
RS Rosebrugh Building 4 Taddlecreek Rd.
RT Rotman Centre for Management 105 St. George St.
RW Ramsay Wright Zoological 25 Harbord St.
SB Borden Building South 487 Spadina Ave.
SC Sussex Court 21 Sussex Ave.
SF Sandford Fleming Building 10 King's College Rd.
SI Simcoe Hall 27 King's College Circ.
SM Sigmund Samuel Library Bldg. 7-9 King's College Circ.
SP Spadina Crescent - 1 1 Spadina Cr.
SS Sidney Smith Hall 100 St. George St.
TC Trinity College 6 Hoskin Ave.
TF Teefy Hall 57 Queen's Park Cres. E.
TZ Tanz Neuroscience Building 6 Queen's Pk. Cr. W.
UC University College 15 King's College Circ.
UP University College Union 79 St. George St.
VA Varsity Arena 275 Bloor St. W.
VC Victoria College 91 Charles St. W.
WB Wallberg Building 184-200 College St.
WE Wetmore Hall, New College 300 Huron St.
WI Wilson Hall, New College 40 Willcocks St.
WM Wymilwood 150 Charles St. W.
WO Woodsworth College Residence 321 Bloor St. W.
WS Warren Stevens Building 55 Harbord St.
WW Woodsworth College 119 St. George St.
ZC Centre for Bioethics 88 College St

Please note that the bold indicates an accessible entrance to the building. The University does not mean to imply by this that all parts of the building are accessible. Needs are personal and students requiring special parking areas or access to specific classrooms should consult with their College Registrar and Accessibility Services staff well before the start of classes. Every effort will be made to accommodate students requiring special arrangements, if deemed necessary and appropriate.

Locations For Examinations (not included in above list)

BN2N Benson Building, 2nd floor gymnasium, North end, 320 Huron Street
BN2S Benson Building, 2nd floor gymnasium, South end, 320 Huron Street
BN3 Benson Building, 3rd floor gymnasium, 320 Huron Street
CARR Carr Hall, 100 St. Joseph Street
CART Cartwright Hall, St. Hilda's College
Cody Hall, 50 St. George Street (enter by Russell Street)
DEPT Refer to Department offering the examination
EAST East Hall University College, 15 King's College Circle
EJ Boyd Neel Room, Edward Johnson Building, 8 Queen's Park Cres.
KRUGER Arthur Kruger Hall, Woodsworth College, 119 St. George St.
SEEL Seeley Hall, Trinity College, 6 Hoskin Ave.
SHER Sheraton Hall, Wycliffe College, 5 Hoskin Ave.
STVLAD Auditorium B, St. Vladimir Institute, 620 Spadina Ave.
VAN Varsity Arena North end, 275 Bloor Street West
VAS Varsity Arena South end, 275 Bloor Street West
WEST West Hall University College. 15 King's College Circle
WS FHNE Field House, North-East Corner, Warren Stevens Bldg, 55 Harbord Street
WS FHNW Field House, North-West Corner, Warren Stevens Bldg, 55 Harbord Street
WS FHSE Field House, South-East Corner, Warren Stevens Bldg, 55 Harbord Street
WS FHSW Field House, South-West Corner, Warren Stevens Bldg, 55 Harbord Street