Instructions for Using ROSI/ACORN

Instructions for Using ROSI/ACORN

ACORN (Accessible Campus Online Resource Network)

ACORN is the University of Toronto’s online registration system that is replacing the ROSI system. It is the critical link between students and the university for most transactions.

Using ACORN for the First Time

Login at to ACORN using your UTORid/JOINid and password.

Confirm Your Personal Information

It is very important to confirm that your personal information on ACORN is correct. The Faculty of Arts & Science needs to know:

  • your mailing and permanent address
  • your sessional (September to April) telephone number and address
  • the person to contact in case of emergency.

 We need to be able to contact you to keep you up to date on critical information. E-mail is the official method of contacting you. Please make sure that your e-mail address is correct and remember to check it regularly.

 You will use ACORN to:

  • Access grades, GPAs and academic status
  • Add and change meeting sections
  • Add and drop courses
  • Add, drop, change Subject POSt(s)
  • Change and reactivate your PIN
  • Check the status of your course requests
  • Check to see if there is still room in a course
  • Check your waiting list status
  • Choose Credit/No-Credit option
  • Declare absences from classes
  • Display your academic record
  • List courses on your record
  • List your ACORN transactions
  • Request a transcript
  • Request tuition fee deferral
  • Review intention to graduate
  • Sign up for refunds by direct deposit
  • Update  your e-mail address
  • Update next of kin and emergency contact  information
  • Update your address and telephone number
  • View other personal information
  • View/print fees invoices
  • View/print T2202As (tax receipts)
  • View/print your timetable
  • Vote in student elections


What it means to use ACORN



Using ACORN to enrol in courses means that you agree to abide by all the academic  and non-academic rules and regulations of the University of Toronto and assume the obligation to pay academic and incidental fees according to the policies and requirements of the university.


ACORN’s hours of operation are posted on the ACORN web site



Instructions for Using ROSI

ROSI (Repository of Student Information) is being replaced by ACORN but can still be used to access parts of your academic record, change your personal information, enroll in courses and programs, view your invoice, and much more.  

By using ROSI to enrol in courses means that you agree to abide by all the academic and non-academic rules and regulations of the University and college in which you are registered and assume the obligation to pay academic and incidental fees according to the policies and requirements of the University of Toronto. For your obligations as a registered U of T student, see

Access ROSI at

ROSI Hours of Operation

  • Monday: 12:15 a.m. to 3:30 a.m.; 6 a.m. to 11:45 p.m.
  • Tuesday to Thursday: 12:15 a.m. to 11:45 p.m.
  • Friday: 12:15 a.m. to 6 p.m.; 10 p.m. to 11:59 p.m.
  • Weekends: Saturday 12:00 a.m. through Sunday 11:45 p.m.

Hours may change from time to time for scheduled maintenance or technical reasons. For up-to-date information on availability, check Hours of Operation on ROSI.

First-time Users: Logging In

When you access ROSI for the first time, login using your student number and your PIN (Personal Identification Number). Your initial six-digit PIN is your date of birth in YYMMDD format (e.g., April 23, 1997 = 970423). After your first login, you will be prompted to select a new PIN. You have to select a new PIN only once. You will also be asked to complete the PIN reactivation process that helps you reset your PIN in case you forget it in the future.

Home Page

After you log in, the Home Page of ROSI displays your current email address as recorded on the system, your most recent and/or current registration status and your financial status. In the Main Menu on the left hand side, the available options are:

Course Enrolment

  • manage your courses
    • add, modify or delete a course
  • list courses
    • list your courses (includes approved, interim, refused, and waitlisted courses); you can also drop courses from the list
    • manage waiting lists (including viewing rank on a waiting list)
    • get timetable information for a course
    • check available space
  • view timetable/spaces
    • enter up to three courses and ROSI will show timetable information and space available;
    • if courses are full, you can display lectures with waiting lists; the display includes the number of students already on the waiting list
    • links to "manage your courses"

Convocation Tickets

  • On-line request of convocation tickets

Personal Timetable

  • view personal timetable

Subject POSts


Transcripts, Academic History

  • view/print your academic history
  • request official transcripts


  • confirm or cancel a request to graduate (during request period as noted in the Important Dates section; after the deadline, students must make changes at the college registrar's office)

Financial Accounts

  • view your fees account and invoice
  • process OSAP/Government deferral

Tax Forms

  • view and print your T2202A form/other income T4A form for tax purposes

Personal Information

  • view and maintain your personal information: address, phone number(s), email, contact information, direct deposit information

Activity Log

  • view a log of your most recent successful ROSI transactions

View Start Time

  • view the start time that you have been assigned for course enrolment on the first day for fall-winter session - available only during course enrolment period

Maintain your PIN

  • change your PIN
  • set up for PIN reactivation


  • Once you have logged in, the session will remain active until YOU log out or the system has been inactive for five minutes. Be sure to log out when you're done - remember that ROSI contains your personal, academic and financial information!