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2014-2015 Registration Instructions & Timetable

2014-2015 Registration Instructions & Timetable: Contents

The Registration Instructions below outline the registration procedures for Faculty of Arts  & Science, St. George campus students. The Timetable provides course meeting information (day, time, location, enrolment conditions) for the 2014-2015 Fall/Winter session. For information on degree and program requirements, course descriptions, and rules and regulations of the Faculty, consult the Arts & Science Calendar. Use the Calendar to determine which courses you wish or need to take to fulfill program/degree requirements, refer to the Timetable for course scheduling information, and follow the Registration Instructions below to complete your registration.

Quick links:

2015 Winter Timetable Listings (Y & S Courses) 

Courses not offered in 2014-2015 (PDF - updated July 8, 2014)

Quick Reference: Steps to Registration (PDF)

Quick Reference: Degree Requirements At-A-Glance (PDF)


Important Dates: 2014 | 2015

Instructions for Graduating Students


Registration Instructions

Steps to Registration

Step 1:  Give us your contact info and find out how to reach us

Step 2:  Enrol in a Subject POSt

Step 3:  Choose your courses

Step 4:  Check your course enrolment start time on ROSI

Step 5:  Enrol in Courses

Step 6:  Pay your fees by August 19 to complete your registration