Step 2: Enrol in a Subject POSt

Step 2: Enrol in a Subject POSt

A subject POSt, or program of study, is a group of courses in a specific discipline. There are three levels of programs:

  • specialist program
  • major program
  • minor program

You should check the Calendar for specific admission requirements for each subject POSt. Admission to Type 2, 2L and 3 subject POSts will be based on the admission requirements listed in the 2013/2014 Calendar .

St. George campus, Arts & Science students are required to enrol in subject POSt(s) at the end of the session in which they complete their fourth full-course equivalent. Students can only enrol in subject POSts offered on the St. George campus.

You must enrol in the minimum appropriate combination of subject POSts for your degree before your course enrolment period starts, or you will be prevented from enrolling in courses on ROSI.

The appropriate minimum combinations are shown in the chart below:

If your intended degree is: You must be enrolled in at least:
Hon. B.A. or Hon. B.Sc. 1 specialist or
2 majors or
1 major + 2 minors
B.Com. 1 Commerce specialist
B.A or B.Sc. 1 major or
2 minors
Please note: Students whose first registration in an Arts & Science degree program is in the 2001 Summer session or later are not eligible to pursue a B.A. or B.Sc.; they must pursue an Honours B.A. or Honours B.Sc., or B.Com. degree.

Please note that you can enrol in no more than three subject POSts, of which only two can be majors and/or specialists.

Enrolment in a subject POSt is also important for these reasons:

  • course selection - for a number of courses the departments give priority to students based on their subject POSt
  • graduation - among the requirements for your degree, you must complete the required number of subject POSts for that degree as listed in the table above.

For instructions on enrolment dates and procedures, see the Subject POSt Enrolment website.