Instructions for Graduating Students

Instructions for Graduating Students

Requesting June 2014 graduation

If you are planning to complete the requirements for graduation by the end of the 2013-2014 Fall/Winter session and you wish to graduate in June 2014, select “Confirm graduation” beginning September 30, 2013 from the SWS main menu. If you do not have a degree request option on the SWS, or if your degree request is incorrect, or if for some reason you are unable to record your degree request, contact your college registrar’s office for assistance.

The last day to use the SWS to confirm or change your degree request is December 5, 2013. Changes after this date must be made at your college registrar’s office.

NOTE: It is ultimately the students’ responsibility to check that all degree and program requirements will be met by the end of the Fall/Winter session if they wish to graduate in June.

If you are upgrading a previously-conferred B.A. or B.Sc. to an H.B.A. or H.B.Sc., you can use the SWS to confirm this, or you can submit a request at your college registrar's office. Students who upgrade to an honours degree are not eligible to attend the convocation ceremony to receive the upgraded degree. Instead, they will be eligible to exchange their diploma at the Office of Convocation in late June.

When you log in, ROSI will communicate to you the degree you might be eligible to receive. You will be prompted to request graduation with the specified degree or to cancel a previous graduation request. If you wish to graduate with a different degree from the one specified (e.g., ROSI indicates that you might be eligible to receive an Hon. B.A., but you wish to graduate with an Hon. B.Sc.), you must contact your college registrar's office.

Check that you're satisfying all the requirements

In order to make sure that you will be eligible to graduate, check Degree Explorer to see if you're on track. You should also consult your college registrar’s office and your department/program office as early as possible regarding your final selection of courses for the 2013-2014 fall/winter sessions. Don’t wait until it is too late to make changes to your course and subject POSt selections.

Remember that it is your responsibility to verify that you have fulfilled all program and degree requirements. For assistance, you can refer to the "Degree Requirements" section of the Calendar. There is also a Degree Requirements At-A-Glance table here for reference.

When you request graduation, please ensure that your subject POSts (specialists, majors and/or minors) are correct and up to date on the SWS. If you need to make changes to your subject POSts, please contact your college registrar.

Can't get into a course you need to graduate? The Dean's Promise.

The Faculty is committed to ensuring that graduating students can enrol in a set of courses that will allow them to graduate. This commitment depends upon the student doing all that is necessary at the optimum/appropriate times as indicated in the Registration Instructions and in the Calendar. Students must have enrolled in the appropriate programs (changes to program in the final year of graduation may not be considered), completed appropriate prerequisites, and requested courses from a full range of the possible options that would allow them to complete their program and degree. Students must have used the SWS to attempt enrolment in these courses at the earliest possible opportunity. If students are in this situation, they should contact their College Registrar’s office by August 6 to ask about the Dean’s Promise.