Important Dates: 2013

Important Dates: 2013

The dates listed in this publication pertain to students registered in the Faculty of Arts & Science, St. George campus only (unless explicity stated otherwise). Students must follow their own faculty/division's dates for registration (e.g., add/drop deadlines). Check with your faculty/divisional registrar's office for registration dates. The sessional dates below (e.g., beginning and ending of classes) apply to all students taking a Faculty of Arts & Science, St. George campus course.


January 2013
January 7 classes begin in S and resume in Y section code courses
January 13 waiting lists for S section code courses turned off at end of day
January 20

last day to add or make section changes to S section code courses;

last day to withdraw from commerce/computer science/ bioinformatics & computational biology subject POSts for the 2013 winter session if enrolled in ONLY S section code courses to have current session fees adjusted;

S course load count date for program/per-course fee determination

February 2013
February 15 April examination timetable posted
February 18

Family Day; University closed;

last day to cancel Y section code courses

February 18-22 Reading Week
March 2013
March 10 last day to cancel S section code courses
March 29 Good Friday; University closed
April 2013
April 5

classes end;

term work in S and Y section code courses must be submitted unless an earlier date has been stipulated;

last day to request LWD from S and Y section code courses

April 8-9 study break
April 10-30 examination period
May 2013
May 20 Victoria Day; University closed