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Frequently Asked Questions and Student Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the 299Y1/399Y1 course count for degree credit?
  • Yes. It is a full course equivalent counting as one of the 20 necessary for an Hon.B.A. or Hon.B.Sc. or B.Com. 
Can it count towards a program?
  • Normally it can, depending on the nature of the project. You will have to discuss this with the instructor in charge of the individual 299Y1/399Y1 project to see how it fits into a program. It may be difficult to count it towards the B.Com. program; you should discuss this possibility with the Commerce Programs Office. 

Can it count for a distribution requirement?

  • Yes. It can count for one of three distribution requirement courses according to the department or program sponsoring it. An ENG299Y1, for instance, could count as a humanities distribution requirement, and a PHY299Y1 could count as a science distribution requirement. 

How many can I apply for?

  • Applications are limited to a maximum of THREE. Please remember, however, that you can only enrol in ONE 299Y1 and one 399Y1. Do not sign a contract for more than one project per year as you may prevent another student from getting a placement by trying to accept more than one. 

Can I contact the Supervisor of the Project I am interested in?

  • No, the supervisors will not have contact with the applicants until they receive all of the applications from the ROP office. Supervisors will contact only those students they wish to interview.

Does it help to get my application in right away, before the deadline?

  • No. We are holding all applications, and send them all at once to the instructors, rather than as we receive them. Please take your time to read over your application(s) to be certain it is complete and correct. 

How long does the process take?

  • Deadline for submission of applications varies depending on the project. The applications will be sent to all instructors at least 2 weeks after the due date.  Instructors will have 3-4 weeks to make their selections. They might do this by interviews, phone calls, or email - it is up to each instructor to choose a method. 

Will my marks play a role?

  • You will not have final marks for S or Y section code courses by the time the selection is made. The instructors will make their decisions based on the applications and they may also hold interviews. 

How can I increase my chances of getting one of the 299Y1 positions?

  • Fill out your application carefully, answer all questions and include any marks you have received. 

How will I know that I am officially accepted?

  • Once the supervisor has conducted their interviews, and made their selection, your eligibility will be verified and you will receive a Letter of Acceptance via email. The supervisor will then sign a contract with you. In April we will enrol students in 299Y1/399Y1 summer courses; in mid-summer we will enrol students in 299Y1/399Y1 fall-winter session courses.

What previous ROP students had to say about their experiences:

  • "The experiences and opportunities provided to me through the ROP have truly enriched my academic life at U of T. Not only is the work interesting and relevant, but the opportunity to take charge of a project first hand was simply amazing."
  • "I would have never imagined that after my second year of my undergraduate degree I would have fastened all of this experience under my belt."
  • "It was a great opportunity for me to build relationships with the professor as well as the fellow students in our team. Also, ROP allowed me to get a glimpse of what research is all about."

"Looking back, I consider the ROP I did to be the single most important class I took during my undergrad at U of T."