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Research Opportunity Program: Courses

299/399 Course Requirements & Listings

299/399 Course Requirements

  1. Each student must keep a journal recording meetings, progress, what was learned about the project in particular and the nature of research in general.
  2. Students must meet at least bi-monthly with their supervisors and record the dates and times of those meetings in their journals.
  3. Students will attend any demonstrations, orientations, etc., that the supervisor may require.
  4. Students will submit, to the supervisor, a two-page interim report detailing research experience before November 15. Equally, the supervisor may complete a two-page written assessment of the student's progress and discuss it with the student before the deadline for dropping courses with academic penalty. Additional written work will be required. 
  5. Altogether, written work in some form, including the journal, should constitute at least 50% of the final grade. Normally a final examination will not constitute part of the evaluation.
  6. Regular tuition applies for Summer ROP courses.

2017-2018 299Y/399Y Research Opportunity Course Listings (PDF files)

NEW Newly-added 2017 ROP Projects (Application Deadline: March 22, 2017):


Project in Chemistry

Project in Psychology


Project in Psychology

Apply for the above projects using the 299 Application Form or 399 Application Form by March 22, 2017.


Note: To view a PDF you need Adobe Acrobat Reader


 SUMMER 2017 ROP PROJECTS: application deadline Monday, March 6, 2017


FALL/WINTER 2017-2018 ROP PROJECTS:  application deadline Monday, March 6, 2017