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Subject POSt Enrolment: Commerce

Subject POSt Enrolment: Commerce

St. George campus, Arts & Science students are required to enrol in subject POSt(s) at the end of the session in which they complete their fourth full-course equivalent. Students can only enrol in subject POSts offered on the St. George campus.

You must enrol in the minimum appropriate combination of subject POSts for your degree before your course enrolment period starts, or you will be prevented from enrolling in courses on ROSI.

If you intend to complete the Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) degree, you must be enrolled in one commerce subject POSt (Accounting: Financial Accounting & Control, Accounting: Public Accounting, Finance & Economics, or Management specialist).

Please note that you can enrol in no more than three subject POSts, of which only two can be majors or specialists.

Students finishing first-year

Students offered guaranteed admission to commerce

Students who were offered guaranteed admission to commerce for the 2014-2015 Fall/Winter session should not submit a request to enrol in a commerce subject POSt on ROSI or complete a profile; instead, they should check ROSI starting July 2 for decisions made by the Rotman Commerce Programs Office. Refer to "Results of your request" below.

Other students on the St. George campus

A limited number of spaces in commerce specialists will be available to students not offered guaranteed admission.

There will only be ONE request period (from April 1 to May 25). Late applications will not be considered. All admission requirements must be completed by May in order to be eligible for admission. Students who have not completed the necessary requirements by May must apply for admission the following year. See below for details.

Request period: April 1 to May 25

Applications to commerce subject POSts are made on the Faculty of Arts & Science Registrar’s web site. Apply using the subject POSt code ASSPE2431 Specialist in Management. Students apply to this subject POSt whether they are interested in the specialist in Accounting, the specialist in Finance and Economics, or the specialist in Management. Successful applicants can choose to change to one of the other specialists or can remain in the specialist in management. The admission requirements for all programs are the same.

Apply using the Type 3 Application Form.

As part of the application, you will be redirected to a web site to complete a personal statement. The information in the personal statement is part of your application, along with your academic information. The personal statement fee is $50.00. Completion of the personal statement is mandatory—applicants who do not complete the personal statement will not be considered.

Please note: applications for ASSPE2431 will NOT be shown on ROSI in the subject POSt listing until mid-June, when the Rotman Commerce Programs Office considers your application.

Remember that once you have completed 4.0 full-course equivalents, you will not be able to enrol in further courses until you have enrolled in the minimum appropriate combination of subject POSts. While you are waiting for the results of your subject POSt requests, you may need to enrol in interim backup subject POSt(s) if you want to enrol in courses. If you need help, contact your college registrar's office.

Note: Students enrolled in a commerce subject POSt pay higher fees. See Academic Fees for Commerce, Computer Science, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, or Concurrent Teacher Education Subject POSts for details.

Results of your request (beginning July 2)

Beginning July 2, you must log on to ROSI and select “subject POSts” from the main menu. A list of your subject POSts will appear, the list will show those you’ve requested as well as those in which you are “ACTIVE,” or enrolled.

If you have been given an "invitation" to enrol in the commerce subject POSt, the "Status" field next to the code "ASSPE2431: SP MANAGEMENT" will read: "INVITED - You have been offered admission to this subject POSt."

To accept the invitation to enrol, select “accept.” Your status will change to: “ACTIVE - you are enrolled in this subject POSt,” and you will be enrolled in the specialist in management. You must accept your invitation by August 6.

Until September 27, you will have the option of changing from the ASSPE2341 to either one of the following:

  • ASSPE2672: Specialist program in Accounting: Financial Reporting & Control
  • ASSPE2678: Specialist program in Accounting: Public Accounting
  • ASSPE2038: Specialist program in Finance and Economics

If you want to change, click the "change" button next to the code "ASSPE2431: SP MANAGEMENT," and enter the code (listed above) of the program you want to change to.

If the enrolment was not successful, you will see the message: "A problem was encountered" with details about the error. To decline the invitation, select "delete." No further action is required.

If you have been refused permission to enrol, the status will be "REFUSED." No further action is required. Remember that you need to be enrolled in the minimum appropriate combination of subject POSts before you enrol in courses, so pick at least one interim backup Type 1 subject POSt which will satisfy the minimum combination requirement.

If you need help, contact your college registrar's office.

For students offered guaranteed admission to commerce: if a decision has not been made, the status will remain as "REQUESTED." A decision may be pending because you are missing one of the required courses or the grade(s) achieved in the required course(s) is insufficient for admission into the subject POSt. Your application will be reviewed in September, and updated results will be available on ROSI on September 19. Remember that you need to be enrolled in an appropriate combination of subject POSts before you enrol in courses. The deadline to accept an invitation is September 27.

Important notes