ELL011H1F Intensive Academic English, May 1-10, 2017 (SS 2135)


General Course Information

Course Schedule

This is a *FREE* course, open to undergraduates in years 1-4 in the Faculty of Arts & Science at the St.George campus.  Undergraduates from any college may register.  Students who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion.  The requirements for the Certificate are:  (1) attend 7/8 sessions; (2) complete all written work; (3) deliver an oral presentation.

The course is open only to undergraduates on the St. George campus.

How to Register for the course: 

Register for this course on ACORN along with your Summer 2017 courses. 

This is a non-credit course (it will not count toward your degree credits), and no grades are given, so it is not counted in your GPA. However, your transcript will note that you attended the course. Students who complete the course will earn a Certificate of Completion.

Should you run into any course load problems during registration for this course, contact your Registrar, who will be able to resolve them for you.   

Description of the course:

This intensive non-credit summer course will show you how to enhance the high-level language skills you will need in the coming academic year. The course is designed for undergraduates in the Faculty of Arts and Science whose first language is not English (ESL or multilingual students), as well as native speakers seeking to improve their English language skills. We will focus on reading comprehension in various subject areas, speaking in an academic context, listening to lectures, and academic writing linked to critical thinking. Learning goals include:

  • expanding knowledge of academic vocabulary and patterns of thought in sciences, social sciences, and humanities
  • improving high-level reading comprehension and speed
  • gaining understanding of how to structure and develop different types of university writing assignments
  • improving the ability to listen to and comprehend lectures
  • practicing speaking and giving oral presentations on academically relevant topics
  • getting to know faculty in ELL to build supportive relationships that can continue in the coming year
  • building your confidence for interaction in English with other students, professors, and teaching assistants.

Course Schedule:

This course will meet daily in SS2135 from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. There will be a lecture/discussion on a relevant topic, followed by an hour of language-learning activities and exercises related to the lecture topic. You will work with a team of experienced instructors from the New College Writing Centre in groups of 15 students. Students will have homework assignments each day of this course. During the three final days of the course, each student will have an individual consultation on his or her writing, and how best to proceed for future success.

A required course reader will be available for purchase by Monday, April 24 at Print City (180 Bloor Street West, near the corner of Bloor Street and University Avenue). The title of this course reader is ELL011H1F Intensive Academic English, May 1-10, 2017. 

Print City is open from 8:30 to 7 Monday to Thursday and 8:30 to 6 on Friday; closed on Saturday and Sunday.

There will also be a Blackboard site for this course containing additional readings.


Leora Freedman has been the Coordinator of the ELL project since it began in 2008. She has worked intensively with U of T students in many disciplines and programs as an instructor in the New College, University College, and Health Sciences Writing Centres. She presently facilitates workshops for U of T faculty and teaching assistants to enable them to address the needs of multilingual students more effectively. For many years she lived in Israel and taught in the Department of English as a Foreign Language at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Leora Freedman holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in fiction writing from the University of Arizona and has taught many college and university courses in English, professional communication, and academic writing.

Contact Leora at ell.newcollege@utoronto.ca.