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College Deans of Students and College Student Life Offices

Deans of Students

Deans of Students are here to create strong, supportive and inclusive college student communities. Each college’s Dean of Students is responsible for supporting student life activities and community development in their college. This includes social, cultural, academic and life skills programs and activities, as well as residence and commuter student support, and the administration of residence operations.

Deans work with elected college student associations to assist with their activities, and consult with other members of the university community on student life issues. They also counsel students with major personal issues or crises, and help make referrals to other student support services.

Deans are also engaged in the review and implementation of policies and programs that affects student life on campus.


College Campus Life Offices

The College Campus Life offices support, enhance, and implement student life initiatives to promote the involvement and personal development of each college's students. The offices offer extracurricular opportunities and resources to encourage involvement in student life from orientation through to graduation. You can choose from many leadership roles in student government or participate in a wide range of clubs.